Keyhaven to Langstone Harbour

One of the busiest strips of water on the south coast.

If the tides and the currents dont get you, watch out for the huge tankers and cargo boats.

Havent sailed this whole area yet, but I will post when I have.

In the meantime...

This is what it looks ike if you are becalmed.

The lighthouse at Hurst from the Solent

It was almost impossible for me to paddle against the flow coming up the Solent.

The needles in the center. If you can use the tide here..

This is the entrance into Langstone Harbour...

We are looking out of it.

and panning up the harbour at full flow on a fairly long tide.

The wind was 10 knot SW.

Wind over tide.

The water coming round that corner was travelling faster than walking speed.