What is a Sea Master?

I have No Idea as I am not one.


I do know a little about them.

A Sea Master knows just how quickly the sea can get him and acts accordingly.

A Sea Master is not stupid enough to put to sea without doing his homework first.

He will know exactly what the weather forecast predicts for the whole of his trip and will have printouts with him for reference.

He will know exactly what the tides are doing throughout the route and will have printouts of this too.

He will be aware of where and when he will most likely encounter wind over water situations and have strategies ready to deal with this.

He will know exactly what rivers will be adding to the water movement and how this will affect him..

He will have plotted his route and will know exactly how much water he has over the various shallows he will encounter and if it will be necessary to take evasive action.

He will also have all the escape routes marked on a chart so that at a glance, he can see where to head in an emergency.

A Sea Master will know that he must have all this in the form of a plan for every trip and so will have all this documented and will be able to supply a copy of this to the organisers before launching.

A Sea Masters boat....

A Sea Master doesn't need to be told what safety equipment he needs.

If he's not prepared to deal with whatever the Elements are going to throw at him, he's not A Sea Master.

His boat might or might not be the most pretty thing on the water, but it will be serviceable.

It will have floatation in case the hull gets damaged.

Any and all ropes will be tied off and nothing will be left where it can get him if a problem occurs (except any deliberate trailing rope).

There will be spares of whatever is most likely to break or get lost.

There will be lights in case he gets caught out after dark.

There will be a first aid kit and he will know how to use it (a roll of tape and a bottle of rum may be what's actually used, but the full kit has to be on the boat).

He wouldn't attempt a trip without enough water and food for the whole trip plus 50%.

He certainly wouldn't rock up with any of the basic equipment absent. PDF, VHF, EPIRB type thing, box of new batteries, wet or dry suit, knife, whistle, hypothermia kit....

He will probably grumble about having to capsize test his fully loaded boat with him in it prior to the start, but as everyone has to do it.......

A Sea Master doesnt get to stay one very long without attention to these details.

Hmmmph...I suppose I had better go have a look at my kit.